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News and Events


Join us in Santa Cruz for our 25th Annual Event at the Santa Cruz Harbor on Saturday then Santa Cruz Wharf for Sunday entertainment and novice races!
Saturday, August 19, 2017: Tony Gora Memorial Long Distance Race
Sunday, August 20, 2017: Aloha Outrigger Races & Polynesian Festivals

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tony Gora & Dave Dyc Memorial Long Distance Race
Location:  Santa Cruz Harbor and Beach, 10 5th Ave., Santa Cruz, CA

Our distance event kicks off the weekend in Santa Cruz at the Harbor! We are honoring our long time member, Dave Dyc, who passed away this year at age 79. He and Tony were best of friends, crew mates and so competitive with each other on and off the water! We are offering keiki/novice/short course 4-5 Mile; followed by Women and Coed (8 mile & 12 Mile Open); then finishing the day out with Men (8 mile & 12 Mile Open).

8:00 a.m.    Registration – Novice & Keiki and short (4-5 mile) Closes at Steersman's meeting!
8:30: a.m.   Registration – Women and Coed (2nd race group) Closes at Steersman's meeting!
8:45 a.m.    1st Event Coaches/Steersperson Meeting

9:00 a.m.    Novice & Keiki V6 (4 miles),SUP & Paddleboards START:  http://routebuilder.org/19wh 

9:30 a.m.    2nd Event Steersperson meeting – Women & Coed
9:30 a.m.    Registration – Men (8 and 12 mile) 3rd race group.  Closes at 10:30 a.m.!

10:00 a.m.  Women and Coed (8  and 12 Miles) 
View routes: http://routebuilder.org/1ahv  (8 mile) or http://routebuilder.org/1am0 (12 Mile)

11:00 a.m.  3rd Event  meeting – Men will start 15 min after the last women/coed return

12:00 p.m. Men (8 and 12 mile) Same course options as the Women/Coed

We are offering an open division on the short course @ 4-5 miles and goes off with the Keiki and Novices. On 8 mile course, open and age divisions will be awarded; the extended 12 mile course will be Open and Unlimited division only (no ages). Both distances will start together with the 8 mile group turning off the downwind run to head back to the harbor while the longer course continues.

NCOCA Registration site will open a week or more prior to the event. Club coach/club secretary should complete entries by MIDNIGHT, WEDNESDAY, AUG 16! Please include canoe number with Team Name when registering. Crews must check in on race day with canoe #, paddler ID cards and race fees payable to Pu Pu O Hawaii.

We are considering a @ 2 mile course for Keiki 12 to 14 years that would run with the Novice & Keiki start. If you are interested please drop Linda (linakad@yahoo.com) a note and we will make arrangements to include.

Canoes available: We are coordinating canoes available to loan, please contact Linda Dresbach, linakad@yahoo.com for assistance or to offer a spare canoe. Our goal is to make this a great day on Monterey Bay and getting everyone on the water!

Launching: Canoes may only be launched off the beach with permission of the Harbor Master based on conditions that morning. We will confirm the morning of the race if that is available – otherwise, all launches will be at the launch ramp and docks. Canoes may not be tied up at the docks due to boat traffic, crews must launch and go. Please pre-arrange with next crew to use the canoe to meet the canoe as it finishes at the dock so it may be a quick swap and get out on the course between races.

Registration Fees: $25 per paddler ($10 per Keiki 19 & under)

Car Parking:  Paddler parking is available in the Harbor parking lot (meter spaces) or on street parking. Live Oak Permits are required for street parking and will be sold starting at 7 a.m. for $8 (kiosk at the turnabout). (Must have a permit by 10:30 a.m. to avoid a ticket). Be prepared to feed the meter if you use the harbor lot …limited parking is also available in the Crow's Nest lot for an hourly rate.

Trailer Parking: All escort boats and canoes will be launched at Santa Cruz Harbor (www.santacruzharbor.org for directions).  We will have a reserved area for trailers & tow vehicles.   Please notify Linda (linakad@yahoo.com) that you are bringing a trailer so that we will have enough space reserved for our use.  Harbor master may park us at the upper harbor lot (there is a shuttle van).  Trailer and tow vehicle parking covered by Pu Pu 'O Hawaii.

Food and Drink: Please support our harbor businesses by having a bite to eat or a beverage at one of the local shops, even rent an SUP after your race!

  • Crow's Nest – upstairs bar and light meals; downstairs formal dining; Beach Market on the outside deck above the launch ramp – sandwiches and snacks are available.
  • Café El Palomar – Mexican food – breakfast, lunch & dinner – full bar
  • Java Junction – for your morning coffee and breakfast or snacks after your race
  • Johnny's Harborside – walk up the harbor near the bridge, fresh fish and full bar service overlooking the harbor channel
  • Hot dog  & Popcorn cart – next to the launch ramp!
  • The SUP Hut is in between the Crows' Nest and the launch ramp or check out Kayak Connection on Lake Ave. as you drove in.

Sunday, August 20: Aloha Outrigger Novice Races & Polynesian Festival

Location:  Santa Cruz Main Beach and Wharf

We are hosting the 25th Aloha Day Novice races at the Wharf on Sunday morning. Any of your club members staying in town would be welcome to assist us! We provide canoes, strokers and steersmen to crews of 4 novice paddlers. The crews are put through a single elimination race chart and the top 4 crews race for awards! Its great fun and the novice enthusiasm is contagious! Racing begins with 'da kine' instruction by Jerry Ching at 8:30 followed by the first race at 9! We can use paddlers to paddle canoes from the harbor to the wharf at 8 a.m. or return at 12:30 p.m.

Enter your team of coworkers, friends, or ohana now (must be new to outrigger)!

Novice team entries  complete the Aloha Day Novice Canoe Race registration form.and submit by August 10.

Music, crafts and entertainment begins at the Wharf Stage at 11 a.m. and runs to 5 p.m.

For more questions or assistance, contact Linda Dresbach at (408) 318-5026 or linakad@yahoo.com

Go to the Northern California Outrigger Association web site.